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Ultra-slim Photoelectric Sensor EX-10 Ver.2

Amplifier built-in extraordinarily small and slim size

Ultra-slim Photoelectric Sensor  EX-10
UL Recognaized CE Marking UKCA

UL , CE , UKCA Approved
CE : Excluding EX-15□/17□
UKCA : Excluding EX-15□/17□
UL : Recognition(Excluding some models)

NEW December 2021 EX-10 series comply with ISO 13849-1 (Category 1, PLc) safety standards.

* Please check ."Order guide" for the compliant model no.
* Be sure to read the "Cautions For Use" when using for the above applications.
* Before using this device, be sure to confirm the standards / regulations applied in the relevant nation and region.
* If you need the Certificate or Confirmation Letter, please contact us.open link in new window


Sensor unit complies with ISO 13849-1*1 Category 1 PLc*2 NEW

A Category 3 PLd Safety System can be built by using Category 4 PLe compliant controllers together with our sensors
*1 Safety-related parts of control systems, Part 1: General principles for design
*2 Conformed from December 2021 production.

■ Category 3, PLd construction example

 Category 3, PLd construction example

[Precautions when using as Category 3 PLd]
Sensor redundancy is required!
Observe the following when connecting to the safety controller.
・In the case the product is used in a standalone state, the safety system may not operate properly when a sensor malfunction occurs.

The product cannot be used for human body detection.

■ Application examples

[Required conditions]

1. The source of hazards is located inside the machine and may cause hazards to nearby people.
2. The equipment is classified as Category 3 PLd or lower.
3. The source of hazards is isolated only by the automatic door.

* The product can be used safely when all of the above conditions 1 through 3 are satisfied!

* There are cases where you can use it under other conditions.

Application examples
* Be sure to read the "Cautions For Use" when using for safety applications.

Smallest body, just 3.5 mm 0.138 in thick

It can be mounted in a very small space as its size is just
W10 x H14.5 x D3.5 mm
W0.394 x H0.571 x D0.138 in (thru-beam, front sensing type).

Smallest body, just 3.5 mm 0.138 in thick

Flexible mounting

The diffuse reflective type sensor is front sensing and is so thin that it gives an impression of being just pasted on the mounting base. The thru-beam type is available as front sensing type, as well as, side sensing type, allowing flexible mounting.

Flexible mounting

Electric power saving *

The EX-10 series achieves reductions in power consumption of up to 65 %. These sensors contribute to environmental friendliness.
* Effective from production in October 2010.

High-speed response time: 0.5 ms

The sensor is suitable for detecting small and high-speed traveling objects.

High-speed response time: 0.5 ms

Minimum sensing object: ø1 mm ø0.039 in [EX-11(E)□, EX-15(E)□]

EX-11□, EX-11E□, EX-15 and EX-15E are incorporated with ø1 mm ø0.039 in slit masks so that ø1 mm ø0.039 in, or more, object can be detected. Hence, they are suitable for precise positioning or small parts detection.

Minimum sensing object: ø1 mm ø0.039 in [EX-11(E)□, EX-15(E)□]

Long sensing range: 1 m 3.281 ft [EX-19□]

A sensing range of 1 m 3.281 ft has been realized with a slim size of just 3.5 mm 0.138 in. It can be used to detect even wide IC trays.

Long sensing range: 1 m 3.281 ft [EX-19□]

Background suppression [EX-14□]

- Hardly affected by background
Even a specular background separated by 100 mm 3.937 in, or more, is not detected. (However, the background should be directly opposite. A spherical or curved background may be detected.)

Background suppression  [EX-14□]

- Black object reliably detected
It can reliably detect dark color objects since it is convergent reflective type.

Incorporated an inverter countermeasure circuit *

The EX-10 series become significantly stronger against inverter light and other extraneous light.
* Effective from production in October 2010.

Waterproof IP67

The sensors features an IP67 rating to allow their use in process lines where water is used or splashed.
Rust-resistant stainless steel sensor mounting brackets are available.

Note: If water splashes on the sensor during sensing operation, it may sense water as an object.

Bending durability [EX-□-R]

Bending-resistant cable type EX-□-R is available. It is most suitable for moving parts, such as robot arm, etc.

Mountable with M3 screws

Non-corrosive stainless steel type mounting bracket is also available.

[Cold rolled carbon steel (SPCC)]

[Stainless steel (SUS304)] (mounting bracket for the front sensing type)

Mountable with M3 screws

[Cold rolled carbon steel (SPCC)]

[Stainless steel (SUS304)]
mounting bracket for the side sensing type

Mountable with M3 screws

[Cold rolled carbon steel (SPCC)]

[Stainless steel (SUS304)]
(L-shaped mounting bracket)

Mountable with M3 screws

Red beam makes beam alignment easy

The red LED beam projected from the emitter helps you to align the sensor heads.

Bright 2-color indicator

A convenient 2-color indicator has been incorporated in the miniature body.

Bright 2-color indicator

Operation mode switch [EX-15□/17□]

Thru-beam type sensor incorporated with an operation mode switch on the bifurcation is also available. It helps you to test the operability before start-up.

Operation mode switch [EX-15□/17□]

Less resources used *

Based on environmental considerations, simplified packaging is used in order to reduce waste.
In addition, the bag is made from polyethylene which produces no toxic gases even when burned.
* Effective from production in October 2010.

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