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Safety Control Unit SF-C21

Cautions For Use

  • For the safety of the overall system and the Wiring conformity to the standards applicable in each region or country in which this device is installed, take actions on the customer’s own responsibility.
  • This device has been developed / produced for industrial use only.

  • Some features have been addded from production in November 2015.
    >>See more details here新しいウィンドウで開く
    In order to use the additional features fully, you need the Ver. 2.00 or later of SF-C21 (main unit) and Configrator SF-C.
    [1] The SF-C21 software version can be confirmed in the following way.

*Please check the software version is 2.00 or later, is applied on the label on a right side panel.
(Note): Unable to accept firmware update request for shipped elder versions SF-C21 caused by the limitation of the safety certificates.

 [2] The software version of Configrator SF-C can be confirmed from "Version" in "Help" menu. If you use the software version lower than Ver.2.00, please download the latest version from our website and install it.
>>Click here to download Configrator SF-C.


  • Do not use a mobile phone or a radio phone near this device.
  • This device starts the performance after 2 seconds from the power ON. Have the control system started to function with this timing.
  • Do not install this device in the following environments.
    1) The device is exposed to direct sunlight.
    2) Dew condensation may occur due to sudden changes in temperature.
    3) The ambient air contains corrosive or flammable gas.
    4) There is a high level of dust, metallic dust, or salt content.
    5) The device may be exposed to organic solvents such as benzene, thinner, or alcohol and/or strong alkaline substances such as ammonia or caustic soda, or any such substances exist in the ambient air.
    6) The device may be directly exposed to vibration or impact or to water drops.
    7) The device may be exposed to interference from nearby high-voltage lines, high-voltage equipment, power wires, motor equipment, an amateur radio station or other transmitter, or a device with large switching surges (the device must be placed at a distance of 100 mm 3.937 in or greater from any interference sources).


  • Take countermeasure against the system to be applied for this device so as not to carry out the dangerous performance caused by the earth failure. Failure to do so could cause invalid for the system stop, resulting in death or serious injury.
  • Do not work on (connect or remove etc.) the device while the power is ON. Failure to follow this precaution could result in an electric shock.
  • All electrical wiring should conform to the regional electrical regulations and laws. The wiring should be done by engineer(s) having the special electrical knowledge.
  • Do not run the wires together with high-voltage lines or power lines or put them in the same raceway. This can cause malfunction due to induction.
  • Do not control the device only at one control output.

Machine designer, installer, employer and operator

  • The machine designer, installer, employer and operator are solely responsible to ensure that all applicable legal requirements relating to the installation and the use in any application are satisfied and all instructions for installation and maintenance contained in the instruction manual are followed.
  • Whether this device functions as intended to and systems including this device comply with safety regulations depends on the appropriateness of the application, installation, maintenance and operation. The machine designer, installer, employer and operator are solely responsible for these items.

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