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From April 1, 2024, the terms "Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co., Ltd." and "Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Tatsuno Co., Ltd."
in this page and in the manuals and other documents to be downloaded will all be replaced with "Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd." and applied accordingly.



Safety Control Unit SF-C21


Enable flexible customization

The software provides highly flexible customization. You can create a logic of your own, change the input device types based on the preset logics, or customize logic data uploading from the SF-C21 main unit. Changing the auxiliary output settings, as well as setting the ON delay / OFF delay time and muting state holding time are all very easy as well. Created logics can be stored in a PC for convenient future use.
Settable items

  • Input device selection
  • Logic selection (up to three layers)
  • Auxiliary output settings [Linkage to control output (positive logic and negative logic), monitor output of safety input, reset trigger output, lockout output, etc.]
  • OFF delay time setting (0.0 to 60.0 sec, in 1/10 sec.)
  • ON delay time setting [1 to 5,940 sec (99 min), in sec.]
  • Muting valid time setting [1 to 5,940 sec (99 min), in sec.] or no limit
  • Override valid time setting (1 to 600 sec, in sec.)
  • RS-485 (MODBUS RTU) communication settings, etc.

Enable flexible customization

Multilingual compatibility

The Configurator SF-C supports seven languages: Japanese,
English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.
Our products support users around the world by fulfilling their
diverse needs, such as the empowerment of local staff and
implementation of local safety schemes.

Versatile functions

Input filter time setting
・OFF-ON filter: Avoid unstable operation caused by vibrations and/or bounce-back when closing guards.
・ON-OFF filter: Avoid unstable operation due to momentary blockages of a safety light curtain by operational vibrations, bugs, dust, and other causes.

Status monitoring function
The status of input and output devices connected to SF-C21 can be monitored in real time through USB.

Simulation function
Whether the logic created by the user operates as intended can be verified via a software tool.

Incomplete transfer blocking function
The transfer of incomplete logics to SF-C21 will be blocked and prevent potential hazards

Note: Please read the instruction manual in advance when customizing logics, and verify whether the combination of connecting devices and logics complies with each machine safety standard.

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