Compact Safety Light Curtain[Type4 PLe SIL3] SF4B-C

Cautions For Use


  • Refer to the applicable regulations for the region where this device is to be used when setting up the device. In addition, make sure that all necessary measures are taken to prevent possible dangerous operating errors resulting from earth faults.

  • Make sure to carry out the wiring in the power supply off condition.
  • Verify that the supply voltage variation is within the rating.
  • If power is supplied from a commercial switching regulator, ensure that the frame ground (F.G.) terminal of the power supply is connected to an actual ground.
  • In case noise generating equipment (switching regulator, inverter motor, etc.) is used in the vicinity of this sensor, connect the frame ground (F.G.) terminal of the equipment to an actual ground.
  • Do not run the wires together with high-voltage lines or power lines or put them in the same raceway. This can cause malfunction due to induction.


  • This device has been developed / produced for industrial use only.
  • Do not use this device with mobile equipment such as an automated guided vehicle (AGV).
  • Do not use during the initial transient time (2 sec.) after the power supply is switched on.
  • Avoid dust, dirt and steam.
  • Take care that the safety light curtain does not come in direct contact with water, oil, grease, or organic solvents, such as, thinner, etc.
  • Take care that the safety light curtain is not directly exposed to fluorescent light from a rapid-starter lamp or a high frequency lighting device, as it may affect the sensing performance.
  • When this device is used in the “PSDI mode”, an appropriate control circuit must be configured between this device and the machinery. For details, be sure to refer to the standards or regulations applicable in each region or country.

This catalog is a guide to select a suitable product. Be sure to read instruction manual prior to its use.
Both emitter and receiver are combined adjusted on factory setting, please apply both emitter and receiver with the same serial No. The serial No. is indicated on the plates of both emitter and receiver. (Indicated under model No.)

  • Make sure to carry out the test run before regular operation.
  • Do not use this product with machinery that cannot be stopped immediately during the operating cycle by means of an emergency stop system.

Influence of reflective surfaces

  • Install the safety light curtain by considering the effect of nearby reflective surfaces, and take countermeasures such as painting, masking, or changing the material of the reflective surface, etc. Failure to do so may cause the safety light curtain not to detect, resulting in serious body injury or death.

  • Install this device at a distance of at least A (m) (given below) away from reflective surfaces such as metal walls, floors, ceilings, workpiece, covers, panels or glass surfaces.

Note: The effective aperture angle for this device is ±2.5° or less (when L > 3 m 9.843 ft) as required by IEC 61496-2, ANSI/UL 61496-2. However, install this device away from reflective surfaces considering an effective aperture angle of ±3° to take care of beam misalignment, etc. during installation.


  • This device enables to set each function using the handy-controller SFB-HC (optional). Among the functions, the contents related to the safety distance such as the size of the minimum sensing object and response time are varied depending on the setting condition. When setting each function, re-calculate the safety distance, and make enough space larger than the calculated safety distance. Failure to do so might cause the accident that the device cannot stop quickly before reaching the dangerous area of the machinery, resulting in the serious injury or death.

Refer to the instruction manual of the handy-controller for details of the function settings for using handycontroller SFB-HC (optional).

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