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MINAS E Series

Position control type, 50 W to 400 W, Input power supply for Driver: Voltage AC 100 V/200 V, 2500 p/r incremental encoder, Frequency response 400 Hz

MINAS E Series

CE, UKCA, TUV, UL/C-UL Approved


MINAS E Series


Best Fit to Small Drives

● Further evolution in down-sizing, by 47 % in size.(Note)
● Exclusively designed for position control.
(Note) Compared to MUDS043A1


Easy to Handle, Easy to Use

● DIN-rail mounting unit (option) improves handling/installation.
● User-friendly Console makes the setup easy.
● High functionality Real-Time Auto-Gain Tuning enables adjustment-free operation.

Console Option
Console Option


High-Speed Positioning with Resonance Suppression Filters

● Built-In notch filter suppresses resonance of the machine.
● Built-in adaptive filter detect resonance frequency and suppress vibration.


Smoother operation for Low Stiffness Machine

● Damping control function suppresses vibration during acceleration/deceleration


1.Easy to Handle, Easy to Use

High-functionality Real-Time Auto-Gain Tuning(Note 1)

● Offers real automatic gain tuning for low and high stiffness machines with a combination of an adaptive filter.
● Supports the vertical axis application where the load torque is different in rotational direction.


DIN-rail mounting unit (option)

● DIN-rail mounting unit allows parallel mounting with small control devices such as PLC.
● Easy to mount and easy to dismount.


2.Further Reduction of Vibration

Adaptive filter (Note1)

● Makes the notch filter frequency automatically follow the machine resonance frequency in real-time auto-gain tuning.
● Suppression of “Judder” noise of the machine, which is caused by variation of the machines or resonance frequency due to aging, can be expected.


Notch filter (Note1)

1-channel notch filter is equipped in the driver independent from adaptive filter.
Each of 2 filters can set up frequency and notch width, and frequency in 1Hz unit. Suppression of "Judder" noise of the machine which has multiple resonance points can be expected.

Effect of notch filter


Damping control (Note1)

● You can suppress vibration occurring at both starting and stopping in low stiffness machine, by manually setting up vibration frequency in 0.1 Hz unit. Note) Only applies to manual adjustment

Damping control
(Note1) Select at positioning action mode.
• At high speed positioning mode (Pr02=0) Select either one of notch filter, damping control or high-functionality real-time auto- gain tuning.
Not possible to use them all at the same time.
Adaptive filter cannot be used.

• At high-functionality positioning mode (Pr02=1) All of notch filter, damping
control, high-functionality real-time auto-gain tuning and adaptive filter can be
used at the same time.


3.Further Flexibility and Multiplicity

Console (Option)

● You can set up parameters, copy and make a JOG run.
● Convenient for maintenance at site.
● Refer to DV0P4420 Spec Detail (Options).


Command control modes

Offers 2 command modes, “Position control” and “Internal velocity control”.
You can make a 4-speed running at preset values with parameter at internal velocity control mode.


Inrush current suppressing function

Inrush suppressing resistor, which prevent the circuit breaker shutdown of the power supply caused by inrush current at power-on, is equipped in this driver.
Prevents unintentional shutdown of the power supply circuit breaker in multi axis application and does not give load to the power line.


Regeneration discharging function

Discharges the regenerative energy with external resistor, where energy is generated while stopping the load with large moment of inertia, or use in up-down operation, and is returned to the driver from the motor.
No regenerative resistor is installed in the driver.
It is highly recommended to install an external regenerative resistor (option).


Built-in dynamic brake

You can select the dynamic brake action which short the servo motor windings of U, V and W, at Servo-OFF, CW/CCW over- travel inhibition, power shutdown and trip.
You can select the action sequence depending on the machine requirement.


Setup support software (Option)

With the setup support software, “PANATERM” via RS232 / RS485 communication port, you can monitor the running status of the driver and set up parameters.
Note) Click here for more information for setup support software.


Key-way shaft and tapped shaft end

● Easy pulley attachment and easy maintenance
● Attache screw to the tapped shaft to prevent key or pulley from being pulled out.


Wave-form graphic function

With the setup support software, “PANATERM”, you can monitor the “Command speed”, “Actual speed”, “Torque”, “Position deviation” and “Positioning complete signal”.
Helps you to analyze the machine and shorten the setup time.
Note) Click here for more information for setup support software.


Frequency analyzing function

● You can confirm the response frequency characteristics of total machine mechanism including the servo motor with the setup support software, “PANATERM”.
● Helps you to analyze the machine and shorten the setup time.

Note) Click here for more information for setup support software.


Torque limit switching function

● You can select 2 preset torque limit value from external input.
● Use this function for tension control or press-hold control.


Conformity to CE and UL Standards

Subject Standard conformed
Motor IEC60034-1 IEC60034-5  UL1004  
CSA22.2 No.100
Conforms to
EU Low Voltage
Low Voltage
Motor and driver   UL508C  CSA22.2 No.14
EN55011 Radio Disturbance Characteristics of Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM)
Radio-Frequency Equipment
Conforms to
EMC Regulation
EN61000-6-2 Immunity for Industrial Environments
IEC61000-4-2 Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Test
IEC61000-4-3 Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field Immunity Test
IEC61000-4-4 Electric High-Speed Transition Phenomenon/Burst Immunity Test
IEC61000-4-5 Lightening Surge Immunity Test
IEC61000-4-6 High Frequency Conduction Immunity Test
IEC61000-4-11 Instantaneous Outage Immunity Test

IEC : International Electrotechnical Commission
E N : Europaischen Normen
EMC : Electromagnetic Compatibility
U L : Underwriters Laboratories
CSA : Canadian Standards Association

Pursuant to at the directive 2004/108/EC,article 9(2)

*When exporting this product, follow statutory provisions of the destination country.


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Setup Support Software 'PANATERM' (AC servo motor) for MINAS A6/A5 Familly PANATERM * This software cannot be used for A4 family Driver (Part No. M*DDT****) and E-series Driver (Part No. M*DET****P). Please purchase optional product DV0P4460.

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