EV Relays (DC Contactors)

  • From a safety perspective, the use of the automotive relay requires manufacturers of automobiles and automotive equipment to confirm specifications and conduct evaluation tests. Therefore, these products are for sale to automotive manufacturers and automotive component manufactures only.
  • Please inquire with manufacturers of automobiles and automotive equipment about the specifications of automotive relay mounted in vehicle bodies and equipment.
  • Please understand that safety considerations prevent us from receiving inquiries from or dealing with private customers.
A Vital Piece to the EV and HEV puzzles.

EV Relays (DC Contactors) Lineup

EVs and HEVs are forerunners of the eco age. Essential to their development are relays that combine compact design with cutoff at high DC voltages - something that Panasonic has achieved through contact technology with sealed capsules containing hydrogen gas.

Compact, lightweight, high-voltage cutoff

Hydrogen gas with high arc cooling capacity used in contact points for short gap cutoff at high DC voltages. Relay also made more compact and lightweight.


Contact points encased in ceramic for anti-explosive structure to prevent arc from leaking and ensure higher degree of safety.

High contact reliability

Contact points sealed in hydrogen gas to prevent contact oxidation, also dustproof and waterproof as a result.


Arc Cutoff Mechanism

Power to relay is ON.

Arc is generated when power to relay is cut.

Due to external magnetic force, arc runs horizontally over contact surface.

Arc is attracted to the inner wall of sealed capsule contact, preventing are from running side.

Cutoff Wave Comparison Data

(450A / 450V DC)

EV Relays (DC Contactors) (capsule contact type)

Existing Contactor

Application Examples

EV Relays (DC Contactors) Custom Type Examples

Coil Connector type

Coil Lead Wire type

Coil Connector Retain type

All Plug-in type

Flat type

EV Relays (DC Contactors) Lineup

We have variety of lineup 10A to 300A type.

Product Introduction Video

EV Relays (DC Contactors) Lineup

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