Aicure UJ30/35 LED Spot Type UV Curing Systems

High-performance of high-output head brings real benefit!
User-friendliness and stable irradiation

Standard Model UJ30

High performance Model UJ35

CE Marking

CE Approved


  • Due to the end of product orders on September 30th, 2021, UKCA marking will not be obtained.
  • Please be aware that if there is a new issue or revision to the standard or law after March 2021, it may not be handled.


Featuring Panasonic high-efficiency lens (Note 1)
High-output Head equivalent to 20,000 mW/cm2 class (Note 2)

Notes: 1) Lens embedded in the head of ANUJ6186, ANUJ6188 or ANUJ6189.
2) Peak value and representative value at an irradiation distance of 8 mm 0.315 in when ANUJ6186 or ANUJ6423 is used.

High-output head equipped with new high-efficiency lens

Wavelength 365 nm 0.014 mil ANUJ6186
Wavelength 385 nm 0.015 mil ANUJ6188
Wavelength 405 nm 0.016 mil ANUJ6189

Standard type head inherits an existing intensity profile

Wavelength 365 nm 0.014 mil ANUJ6180
Wavelength 385 nm 0.015 mil ANUJ6184
Wavelength 405 nm 0.016 mil ANUJ6187

■ UV intensity comparison with existing models

ANUJ6423 (ø3 mm ø0.118 in)


ANUJ6428 (ø8 mm ø0.315 in)


The intensity profiles shown are representative values, not guaranteed values. Install the metal attachment (ANUJ6804), or take other heat radiation measures.

Advantage 1

Tact time can be significantly reduced.

Advantage 2

If the same UV intensity as the existing head model is required, output can be reduced, which will save power and extend LED life.

Advantage 3

The UV irradiation area can be significantly expanded.

Advantage 4

405 nm type
Extend UV curing to coatings that were hard to irradiate.
Now, you can even perform photocuring of adhesion through glass or resin.

Bonding resin or glass of poor UV transmission with 405 nm 0.016 mil wavelength

405 nm type for broader UV curing applications

High-output head

Wavelength 405 nm 0.016 mil ANUJ6189

Standard type

Wavelength 405 nm 0.016 mil ANUJ6187

High light transmission for resins such as polycarbonates and PEN that absorb UV

High light transmission for UV cut coatings such as on smartphone lenses and imaging device protective glasses

Low influence on workpieces easily damaged by UV light

Further improved deep curing of resins curable with UV and visible light

Controller selections for your applications

  Standard model UJ30 High performance model UJ35
selection for your

Limited to most necessary and sufficient functions provides highly reliable UV irradiation.

Limited to most necessary and sufficient functions provides highly reliable UV irradiation.


Easy-to-read display and easy-to-operate panel are as simple to use as a home appliance.

Stable irradiation

The LED head incorporates a temperature sensor.
The temperature feedback control provides excellent irradiation stability.


Different irradiation power and time can be set for each LED head attached to the controller. Both “all” and “individual” UV irradiation modes are available.

External control UV irradiation operation can be externally controlled using the parallel I/O, enabling automatic control suitable for production lines.

UV irradiation operation can be externally controlled using the parallel I/O or the RS-232C port, enabling automatic control suitable for production lines.

UV sensor


UV intensity measurement and automatic calibration can be done at the actual production line using the slim UV sensor.


The programmable irradiation function helps prevents curing distortion and enable high-quality precision bonding at a lower temperature.

Multiple setting

Up to 8 different irradiation patterns can be saved.

UJ35 software (Note) -

Free downloadable software available from our website for easy PC operation. Software will allow you to operate the unit from a PC.
Also allows you to save irradiation programs.
Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean languages available.

Global 3-year

Guaranteed for three years from date of purchase (controller only). For details, please visit our website.
3 year warranty

Note: Downloadable from the following
Aicure UJ35 Communication Tool

Quick setup immediately after installation. User friendly interface

Simple interface

Easy-to-read display and easy-to-operate panel

UJ30 / UJ35 can be easily set up like setting up a home appliance.
Only three switches required for basic settings.

(0.0 to 999 sec., continuous irradiation: [Con])
To set [Con], press “▼” once again at 0.0 sec. or
press “▲” once again at 999 sec.

Four individually controllable LED heads

The irradiation power and time can be individually controlled.

The irradiation power, time, and timing of the LED heads can be individually controlled.
With the lamp type model, one process requires one irradiation unit.
With UJ30 / UJ35, one unit can be used for up to four processes due to its four individuallycontrollable LED heads. It will also show a notice if any of the LED head reaches time to replace or when there is a temperature warning on one of the heads.

External control

UV irradiation can be controlled by external signal inputs, enabling automatic control in production lines.

UV irradiation (time and irradiation timing) of the LED heads can be controlled by parallel signals from a programmable controller or other external devices.
A variety of control is possible.
For example, UV irradiation time can be set up in increments of 0.1 seconds by the controller for each LED head.
And an external signals can be used to indivisually start or stop the UV irradiation of the LED heads.
With UJ35, irradiation control using RS-232C (Note 1) is available.
“UJ35 software (free) (Note 2),” the setup process can be easily set up using a PC.

Notes: 1) Use straight RS-232C for connection to PC or similar. Cable side: D-sub connector 9-pin (female pin)
2) Downloadable from our website.
Aicure UJ35 Communication Tool

[UV irradiation for preset time]

UV irradiation starts when an external signal pulse is applied to external input.
UV irradiation will stop after the preset time (t sec.) has elapsed.

[UV irradiation while external signal is on]

UV irradiation continues while the external signal is turned on (t sec.)
UV irradiation will stop when the external signal is turned off.

Strict quality control. Stable irradiation

Prevention of resin curing defects and bonding faillures Temperature feedback control

±3 % or better UV irradiation accuracy
( for wavelength 365 nm / 385 nm type with the intensity set to 80 %)

Generally, when the LED temperature rises, the UV irradiation output decreases. To prevent the temperature to rise, the LED heads are built with metal materials with fins to increase heat dissipation.
The LED heads are also equipped with a built-in temperature sensor to feedback the temperature to the controller.
The controller will calculate the loss of power due to temperature increase, enabling stable UV irradiation at an accuracy within ±3 % when the intensity is set to 80 %.
This high performance is ideal for high-quality and precision bonding applications.

■ Typical characteristics of the high intensity head when our mounting bracket is used

Infrared rays-free UV irradiation

High-accuracy bonding without thermal distortion

The LED heads irradiate 365 nm 0.014mil, 385 nm 0.015mil wavelength UV rays or 405 nm 0.016mil short wavelength, which do not contain infrared rays (heat) unlike the light from the lamp type system, preventing the temperature rise of workpieces.
This is ideal for applications that require high precision bonding with minimum thermal distortion, such as the assembly of thin plastic lenses.

Workpieces: Optical pickup lenses UV intensity: 250 mW/cm2 Irradiation distance: 20 mm 0.787 in

■ LED emission spectrum

Programmable irradiation function (for UJ35)

This function prevents curing distortion and enables high-quality precision bonding.

The irradiation can be programmed to controls the irradiation power and time depending on the resin and curing appication, supporting high-quality and highprecision bonding with minimum cure shrinkage.
In addition to the simple irradiation mode which irradiation is continuously performed at a constant intensity, up to 10 steps 7 different irradiation patterns (7 product types) can be programmed for each of the four LED head.

Significantly higher reliability for bonding and fixing Slim UV sensor (for UJ35)

The UV sensor for measuring irradiation intensity enables auto-turning in high-accuracy.

The UV irradiation intensity of the LED heads can be relative measured at the actual position by using the optional slim UV sensor (Note).
It can also automatically adjust the UV intensity to the preset level.
Since the sensor only has 5 mm 0.197 in thickness, which is similar to the workpiece, the intensity measurement is possible without removing the system from the production line, facilitating high-accuracy setting and in-line condition optimization.
The UV intensity can be checked and adjusted at real time, enhancing the bonding and fixing reliability.

Note: UV intensity can be measured as a relative value.
Sensitivity adjustment of the UV sensor is carried out at 365 nm 0.014mil, if you use the UV sensor at 385 nm 0.015mil or 405 nm 0.016mil, the displayed value may be greater than the actual UV intensity.
For more information, please consult us.

Safe and reliable. Environmental consciousness and reliable

Long-lasting cost effective LED type

Frequent part replacement is reduced by LED type.

One of the biggest benefits of using the LED type is that the light source life is much longer than lamps used in lamp type. The life of the lamp is 3,000 hours approx., but the LED has 20,000 hours approx. Further more, unlike the lamp type, which needs to be kept turned on through out the operation, the LED type can turn on UV irradiation only when it is needed. When the irradiation ON/OFF time ratio is 1:4 (process cycle time = 5, irradiation time = 1), the LED type operation life is equivalent to 100,000 hours approx. compared to lamp types, leading to significant reductions in running costs and hours for maintenance.

Designed to dissipate heat, estimation of life is easy

You can see LED head temperature readings on the display!

While the display is showing irradiation conditions, you can see the temperature of the LED head simply by pressing the MODE button.
The controller is designed to dissipate heat, and it is easy to estimation of life.

■ Estimated life according to LED temperature

Covered by the global 3-year warranty

Reliable operation anywhere in the world

Guaranteed for three years from the date of purchase (controller only), providing reliablility even if the manufacturing line is at remote location.
For details, please visit our website.
3 year warranty

Standard flexible head cables

Flexible cable for LED head will enable installation to even moving sections.

Flexible cable has been adopted as the standard LED head connection cable considering that the LED heads will be mounted on to a moving section.
Unlike silica fiber cables where there is a risk of damaging the cable by moving the cable too much, these flexible cables can be easily handled without risk of damaging.
(withstanding 10 million bends to a radius of 33 mm 1.299 in based on our evaluation).
The cables can be extended to a maximum of 10 m 32.808 ft using extension cables, which also have the same flexiblility.
(The minimum allowable bend radius for 5 m 16.404 ft or longer cable diameter ø7.6 mm ø0.299 in is R45.6 mm R1.795 in.)

Cooling fan-less structure

Ideal for high-precision process. Helps reducing costs.

Without the need for a cooling fan, it is ideal for vibration- sensitive or dust-sensitive high precision process.
Also, this design reduces need for exhaust ventilation ducting and related installation work as well as the running costs for exhaust ventilation and air conditioning.

Eco product compliant with CE, RoHS, etc.

Lead and Mercury free

Unlike lamps LED heads do not contain mercury. UJ30 and UJ35 conform to CE Marking, RoHS Directive, and Management Methods for Controlling Pollution by Electronic Information Products (China RoHS), ensuring environmentally safe use. (Please follow the proper industrial waste disposal procedures.)

Available for worldwide use

We have local sales companies to support the expansion of customers’ global operations. Please visit our website to see our worldwide sales network.
Global Sales Network

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