Motion Controller GM1

PLC + Motion + Communication 【All-in-one】

RTEX type
EtherCAT type
CE Marking UKCA Korean KC

UL , CE , Korean KC , UKCA Approved
CE , UKCA , UL: Marking conformity
Korean KC: PNP types are excluded from KC marking

April 2022 Hello! GM1(Technical Information) has been added.

Technical Information are available for download.
>>Hello! GM1


PLC + Motion + Communication

Integrate PLC and motion

High speed motion control Fastest cycle 500μs
Multitask control by function aggregation

Motion control
• Positioning / Speed control / Torque control
• Cam synchronization, Gear synchronization, CNC control
Multitask control
• High speed motion control
• Display / Device / Upper communication
• Data processing

Standardization of PLC programming

Break away from manufacturer-dependent programming

Programming: IEC61131-3 standard compliant, PLCopen
Supports 6 languages: LD / ST / FBD / SFC / IL / CFC
Componentization by library function
Supports object orientation

*It can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

Enhanced communication between the upper level and the device

Supports various network protocols

Function block guidance

■ Motion

Various motion control is possible

・Motion and input / output control with the fastest control cycle of 500 μs (including expansion unit)
・Motion control that can be configured with 3 elements of real axis / virtual axis / encoder axis
・Not only basic single axis control (position / speed / torque control) but also multi-axis synchronous control (gear cycle, cam cycle, interpolation control, CNC control) is possible.

You can freely generate a cam curve with the cam editor

・Adjustment is possible while looking at the position, speed, and acceleration curve of the slave axis using the cam editor.

・Timing adjustment with other devices according to the master position is possible (tappet function)

Trajectory generation by G-code description and 3-axis synchronous control are possible with CNC editor

・Control according to the application is possible from interpolation control to complicated trajectory control.
・In-program variable import, repeat processing, coordinate conversion, and smoothing are possible by G-code description.


Achieve object-oriented programming

・Divided implementation by POU (program configuration unit)
・Program part, function part (FB, FUN), variable definition part (structure, enumeration, union)
・FB methods and inheritance (equivalent to class concept), interfaces available
・Realization of componentization by library function

Project data management is possible【New function】

Recipe manager function
・Management of product type data
・Backup / restore of retained data

Recipe manager function

Project management function
By operating the main unit
・Project backup to SD
・Project restore from SD

Project management function

■ Communication

Communication settings can be set easily【New function】

・Can be easily registered to the display or OPC UA server
・Variable list can be generated in XML file

(1)Enable / disable OPC UA server
Enable / disable OPC UA server
(2)Check the variables to be published and register
Check the variables to be published and register

Compliance with international standards

conformed standards Standard number
European EU Standards EMC EN 61131-2
RoHS EN IEC 63000
UKCA Standards EMC EN 61131-2
RoHS EN IEC 63000
Radio Waves Act (South Korea) (KC)((Note 1) KN 61131-2

(Note 1) AGM1CSEC16P, AGM1Y64P and AGM1XY64D2P has not obtained the KC standard.
EN : Europaischen Norman

The motion controller is a Class A device (commercial broadcasting communication device) under Radio Waves Act (South Korea).
Please use this product after recognizing the following precautions.

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