What are Relays?

What are Relays?

A Relay
comprises of an electromagnet and a contact unit. The definition is: Activating the contact unit using electromagnetic attraction, which is produced when electric current exceeding the specified value flows to the electromagnet; the voltage and current (input signal) applied to the coil opens or shuts the contact.

Simply put,

a relay receives electrical signals from the switch, etc. and passes them to the output part such as a motor.

A Relay at an Athletic Meet

A relay at an athletic meet


Will to make a runner run → To pass the will by a baton → The runner runs

Relay of Control Devices

Relay of control devices


Input → Relay → Output

Classification of Relays

Largely divided, there are "two types".

Control Relay

With a Contact

Mechanical Relay

The contact opens and shuts mechanically

Without a Contact

Semi-Conductor Relay
(PhotoMOS/SSR (Solid State Relays))

The contact (output part) is a semi-conductor
and does not open and shut mechanically.

Applications of Relays

A relay is used in various pieces of equipment in the world.

Digital Household Electrical Appliances

  • Slim-type TVs
  • Home video game consoles

OA Equipment

  • Copiers
  • Multi-functional FAX machines
OA equipment

Automobile Devices

  • Car navigation
  • Anti-theft car devices
Automobile devices

Security Devices

  • Security cameras
  • Warning devices
  • Access control devices
Security devices

White Goods

  • Refrigerators
  • Microwave ovens
  • Washing machines
  • Air conditioners
  • Rice cookers
White goods

Industrial Equipment

  • Industrial robots
  • Working machines
  • Packing machines
Industrial equipment

Medical Devices

  • Blood pressure gauges
  • Medical ultrasound equipment
  • Care beds
Medical devices

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