Contact-Type Digital Displacement Sensor HG-S

Featuring optical absolute method in the slim and strong unit body

CE Marking

CE Approved



Robust and slim body contributes to a longer service life

The slim unit body contains plain bearings with 2-point support structure disperses load and achieves superb durability. The sensor head offers long life and reduces maintenance costs dramatically.

Superb craftsmanship!
The accuracy and robustness of the HG-S series are backed by master craftsmanship.
The plain bearings are accurately aligned with the center of the spindle during their installation to the top and
bottom sections of the body to ensure smooth sliding.
This process involves careful adjustment of each bearing by a skilled worker. Even though the plain bearing has
a certain width, the clearance is managed to the accuracy of several μm.
Those with experience in mechanisms design will know that this value signifies amazingly high control precision.
The high-precision, robust sensor is made possible by master craftsmanship.
Maximize the high accuracy of our sensors in your pursuit of “ever higher levels of quality.ˮ

Resistance to lateral load

Lateral loads often occur in the workplace, so we conduct our own unique lateral load resistance testing. There is a reason why you can use this product with peace of mind for a long time.

Withstands more than 100 million sliding operations under application of lateral load (typical value) (Note 1)

Notes: 1) Value on HG-S1010 / HG-S1110.
2) Button-type probe for evaluation purposes was installed on the test sample for the lateral load resistance test.

Resistance to shock and vibration

Shock resistance: 200 G approx.

1,960 m/s2 acceleration in X, Y and Z directions three times each

Vibration resistance: 20 G approx.

10 to 500 Hz frequency (HG-S1032: 10 to 150 Hz frequency), 3 mm 0.118 in double amplitude (Maximum acceleration 196 m/s2) in X, Y and Z directions for two hours each

Resistant to upward thrust impact

Spindle stopper installed at the lower section

Even if unexpected upward thrust occurs, the lower part of the spindle blocks the impact. Damage to the internal structure, including the glass scale, is minimized.

Resistant to upward thrust impact


Change of sensor head without turning off the power supply

The sensor head can be changed safely without turning off the controller. This reduces the man-hours required for the change of line setup for processing of different workpieces, thus achieving a significant reduction of setup change time.


Versatile and easy-to-use controller

The controller features the industry's first* dual display and offers versatile functions and excellent ease of use.It allows simple and reliable operation of the advanced measurement function in a diversity of applications.
* As a sensor product using optical absolute method, as of September 2015 (according to in-company survey)

Easy-to-understand 2-line digital display

The 2-line digital display simultaneously shows sensor head measurement and judgment value.

Easy-to-understand 2-line digital display

Easy tolerance setting

Simple 1-point teaching

Align with master workpiece and press ENTER key for easy tolerance setting.

Easy tolerance setting

No need for trigger input

Equipped with self-trigger hold function

Easy setting of time length from measurement start to measurement stabilization. Minimizes measurement fluctuation due to the vibration caused by stopping of spindle rotation.

No need for trigger input

(1) Static width setting
Stability range above the ST level can be set as desired.
Set the range where measurements are considered to be stable.

(2) Delay timer setting
Desired delay time after measurement exceeding the ST level can be set. Set the time required for stabilization of measurement..

Lateral connection of slave units for added operational ease

Connection of up to 15 slaves units

One master unit can be connected with up to 15 slave units in any order. This allows easy multi-point calculations.

Controller variations
■Master unit (1 model) 
・High performance type (analog current + input / output)
■Slave unit (3 models) 
・High performance type (analog current + input / output)
・Standard type (input / output)
・Wire-saving type

* End plates (optional) must be mounted on both sides of the controller after the connection of slave units.
Hold function (9 types),Calculation function (8 types)

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