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Compact & Long Range Laser Distance Sensor HG-F1

The laser distance sensor HG-F1 series features a lightweight and high-strength aluminum diecast case with a built-in TOF sensor module.
The sensor unit boasts a compact and robust body and offers a long-range sensing capability.


UL , CE , CSA , FDA , UKCA Approved
UL, CSA : Certified by TÜV SÜD America Inc.


Comparison of product series

Product name / series name Model No. Measurable range / Measurement center distance and Measurement range Beam diameter
(typical value)
HG-F series
HG-F1□ 250 to 3,000 mm
9.843 to 118.11 in
Approx. ø10 mm ø0.394 in
(at the measuring distance of 1,000 mm 39.370 in)
10 mm 0.394 in
or less
HG-C series HG-C1030□ 30±5 mm
1.181±0.197 in
Approx. ø50 μm
ø1.969 mil
10 μm
0.394 mil
HG-C1050□ 50±15 mm
1.969±0.591 in
Approx. ø70 μm
ø2.756 mil
30 μm
1.181 mil
HG-C1100□ 100±35 mm
3.937±1.378 in
Approx. ø120 μm
ø4.724 mil
70 μm
2.756 mil
HG-C1200□ 200±80 mm
7.874±3.150 in
Approx. ø300 μm
ø11.811 mil
200 μm
7.874 mil
HG-C1400□ 400±200 mm
15.748±7.874 in
Approx. ø500 μm
ø19.685 mil
300 μm 11.811 mil
(Measuring distance
200 to 400 mm
7.874 to 15.748 in)
800 μm 31.496 mil
(Measuring distance
400 to 600 mm
15.748 to 23.622 in)
* The sensing object used for the HG-F1 series was a sheet of white non-glossy paper measuring 200 × 200 mm 7.874 in × 7.874 in and the sensing object used for the HG-C series was white ceramics.
* The beam diameter was defined as 1/e2 (approx. 13.5%) of the center light intensity.
It is the size at a measuring distance of 1,000 mm 39.370 in in the case of the HG-F1 series or at the measurement center distance in the case of the HG-C series.

Distance measuring system ensures stable sensing.

The product is equipped with a 7-segment display that indicates measured distances digitally in mm.
Quantification of detection states enables the setting of the most suitable threshold values consistently for anyone.

Digital display of measured distance

  • Measured distance is displayed in mm.

Measurement of distance to the workpiece

  • Not easily affected by material or color.
  • Enables the confirmation of quantity of stacked objects and detects position.

Confirmation of delivery of workpiece / quantity of stacked objects at transfer robot section

Analog output

  • Measured values can be output to an external device (analog voltage: 0 to +5 V, analog current: +4 to +24 mA)
  • The analog scaling setting enables the acquisition of data from a desired measurement range.

Compact and robust aluminum diecast body

The HG-F1 series sensor has been downsized by about 80% of the previous long range distance sensor model (EQ-500 series) by volume ratio.
The unit body is made of aluminum diecast so it is lightweight and robust.

Compact and robust aluminum diecast body

Selectable use of spot beam according to specific usage conditions

Emitted beam spot check mode

Work efficiency can be improved by selecting the most suitable spot beam type from the two options according to specific usage conditions. The spot beam emitted for measurement blends in with the surroundings to minimize the discomfort resulting from the laser that comes into the field of vision. During installation / adjustment, the emitted beam spot check mode allows clear recognition of the beam spot and enables the reliable confirmation of sensing position even in the case of long-distance sensing.

Selectable use of spot beam according to specific usage conditions
* The beam spot appears differently depending on the detected object’s material, surrounding conditions and distance.
* When the emitted beam spot check mode is used, the distance to the detected object cannot be measured.

Visible light laser (Class 1) achieves pinpoint detection

Narrow field sensing

The spot beam is smaller than that of a conventional adjustable-range distance sensor so that pinpoint detection is possible.

* The above beam diameters are typical values. Confirm the appropriateness of the beam diameter in actual installation condition.
* The beam diameter may be affected by the materials of surrounding objects and their distances.
* The typical beam diameter of the EQ-501 / EQ-511 is used as the diameter of the EQ-500 series.

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