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Compact & Robust Safety Light Curtain [Type 4 PLe SIL3] SF4D


Setting software
Configurator Light Curtain

The handy controller software, which was well-received by users of our previous models, has evolved. The new setting software, Configurator Safety Light Curtain, allows visually intuitive operation.
It provides powerful support to maintaining stable operation and troubleshooting by allowing the internal setup of the SF4D series product, collection of error history, planning of corrective measures and real-time monitoring of light incidence condition.

Configurator Light Curtain

Main functions

  • Operation monitoring function
    (Monitoring of received light intensity / extraneous light of individual beam
    I/O monitoring)
  • Error history display
  • Light blockage history, unstable light incidence history
  • Muting setting function
  • Override setting function
  • Blanking setting function
    (Fixed blanking setting function
    Floating blanking setting function)
  • External device monitoring setting function
  • Auxiliary output setting function
* Note that the usable functions vary depending on the synchronization method (optical synchronization, line synchronization) and the type of cables (5-core, 8-core, 12-core) used.
For details, refer to "Selectable synchronization method and cable to suit various applications" and the manual.

Operation monitoring function
(monitoring of received light intensity / extraneous light of individual beam)

This function displays the light incidence conditions of individual beams in real time. It facilitates the setup work and streamlines the maintenance planning by enabling visual confirmation of changes in the light incidence intensity resulting from dirty detection surface or beam misalignment.
In addition, the function can also monitor extraneous incident lights. It helps prevent unexpected malfunction in advance.

Muting setting function

Muting setting function

This function is used to set the arrangement of muting sensors and select the most suitable settings using the application. It is also equipped with a time chart function, which obtains actual input timing to facilitate adjustment work.
*Excluding SF4D-□-01

Muting sensor
arrangement model
Exit-only This is used when a muting input cannot be set up at the outlet side such as a workpiece discharge section.
Since the workpiece passing time can be set in the timer, muting input on the outlet side is not required.
Simultaneous input This is used when there is no space for acquiring the muting input time difference between two systems. There is no need to provide a time difference for muting inputs.
* When the muting sensor output is NO / NC.
Parallel 4-sensor
Cross 2-sensor
Invalid when rising
The input time difference between the muting inputs of two systems is detected and the muting condition is controlled.

Blanking setting function

The blanking setting function has also advanced. It supports not only manual setting while allowing the user to check the light reception condition in real time and but also batch setting based on teaching.
Furthermore, fixed blanking and floating blanking can be set using the same screen. It alleviates the cumbersome setting work.
*Excluding SF4D-□-01

Blanking setting function

Communication module copy function

When a PC cannot be brought in, the communication module can be used to write the setting data of the safety light curtain and also to read error information.
*Excluding SF4D-□-01

Communication module copy function
* USB cable is not supplied with the product.
USB2.0 cable (A: Mini-B) must be procured by the user.

Configuration Light Curtain can be downloaded free from our website.
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