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IO-Link Master Unit

IO-Link Master Unit for
CC-Link IE Field Newly Launched!
Receive sensor information on a gigabit network!

CE Marking UKCA

CE , UKCA Approved

IO-Link Compatible Devices Line UP

Digital Fiber Sensor FX-550L CMOS Type Micro Laser Distance Sensor HG-C1000L
Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensor [For Gas] DP-100L


Small Step IoT Starts with IO-Link

Smart collection of on-site sensor information

Collecting on-site sensor-level information is essential to making the manufacturing floor “visible” and IoT enabled.
Panasonic provides an information collection solution that is easy, low-cost, and maintains information quality.
Using Panasonic’s self-monitoring sensors and IO-Link master, incident light intensity, pressure values, and distance measurement values can be sent as digital data with certitude to a host controller.
The sensors diagnose their own state and inform you of the result, making it easy to identify the cause of problems.
By reducing the amount of data collected, you can alleviate the labor spent organizing and analyzing data.

Configuration examples of IO-Link compatible devices
Configuration examples of IO-Link compatible devices

IO-Link Master Unit [SC-LG2-CEF-P]


CC-Link IE Field compatible

Can be used as an intelligent device station.

Up to 8 IO-Link compatible devices and IO-Link non-compatible devices (PNP output) can be connected

As an IO-Link master, the unit supports up to 8 connection channels.

Simple wire-press connector (e-CON) enables easy connection
Available as an option (sold separately).

Image : Simple wire-press connector (e-CON)

IO-Link device settings can be set at once from the host tool

Settings can be configured at once from the host tool (SC-LG-CEF Configuration Tool) via a Mitsubishi Electric Corporation PLC.

Equipped with a device monitor screen for convenient confirmation and a language selection function
SC-LG-CEF Configuration Tool is a software application program for Windows® that can acquire measurement data from the IO-Link Master Unit for CC-Link IE Field SC-LG2-CEF-P and devices connected to it, as well as set and read various parameters.

* Windows is a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Image : Device monitor screen
Device monitor screen


1) When using SC-LG-CEF Configuration Tool, use the following models.
・MELSEC-Q Series QJ71GF11-T2
・MELSEC-L Series LJ71GF11-T2
・MELSEC iQ-R Series RJ71EN71
・MELSEC iQ-R Series  RJ71GF11-T2
The SC-LG-CEF Configuration Tool cannot be used with models other than those listed above.

SC-LG-CEF Configuration Tool

"SC-LG-CEF Configuration Tool"is available for download.
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