PhotoMOS for Automotive Applications

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1. Before selecting PhotoMOS® for automotive applications

Automotive grade PhotoMOS® are generally used in automotive environment since stricter enhanced quality controls are needed.
The user is cautioned and asked to inquire with our sales representative before designing the products in such environments.

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2. About specification reviews

Automotive applications require specification reviews.
This is important and necessary in order to prevent performance, quality and reliability problems.
The following parameters should be reviewed with our sales representative:

  • Targeted application
  • Targeted levels of quality and reliability
  • Circuits description of load level, driving methods, etc.
  • Usage conditions
  • Influence at failure and failsafe concepts, etc.

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3. About derating design

Derating is essential in any reliable design and a significant factor in consideration of product life.
Sufficient derating is needed absolute maximum rating when designing a system.
It is recommended using a derated voltage of 60% (or less) of absolute maximum load voltage rating, and 50% (or less) of absolute maximum load current ratings.
It is the responsibility of the customer to design the safety of the equipment by installing protective circuits and redundant circuits, and to conduct safety tests.

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4. Typical products for automotive applications

Types and absolute maximum ratings (Ambient temperature: 25°C)

Part number Type Package Contact
Load voltage
(VL) *1
Continuous load
current (IL) *1
Ambient temperature
Operating (Topr) Storage (Tstg)
AQW216HAX C*8 GU DIP8-pin
2 Form A 600 V 40 mA
(50 mA) *2
-40 to +85°C * -40 to +100°C *
AQV219HAX C*9 GU DIP6-pin
1 Form A 900 V 15 mA
AQV258HAX C*9 HE DIP6-pin
1 Form A 1,500 V 20 mA

*1 Peak value for AC
*2 In case of using only 1 channel

* Please inquire regarding support for temperatures between -40 and 105°C.

Recommended conditions of use (Ambient temperature: 25°C)

Part number Load voltage (VL) Continuous load current (IL) LED forward current (IF)
AQW216HAX C*8 Max. 360 V Max. 20 mA (25 mA) *1 10 mA
AQV219HAX C*9 Max. 540 V Max. 7.5 mA 10 mA
AQV258HAX C*9 Max. 900 V Max. 10 mA 10 mA

*1. In case of using only 1 channel

Electrical characteristics (Ambient temperature: 25°C)

Item Symbol Part number Test conditions
Input LED operate current Typ. IFon 1 mA 1.4 mA 1.2 mA IL = Max.
Max. 3 mA 3 mA 3 mA
LED turn off current Min. IFoff 0.2 mA 0.2 mA 0.2 mA
Typ. 0.8 mA 1.3 mA 1.1 mA
LED dropout voltage Typ. VF 1.25 V 1.35 V 1.35 V IF = 50 mA
Max. 1.5 V 1.5 V 1.5 V
Output On resistance Typ. Ron 70 Ω 310 Ω 305 Ω IF = 10 mA
IL = Max.
Max. 150 Ω 500 Ω 500 Ω
Off state leakage current Max. ILeak 1 μA 1 μA 10 μA IF = 0 mA,
VL = Max.
Turn on time Typ. Ton 0.2 ms 0.08 ms 0.3 ms IF = 10 mA
IL = Max.
Max. 0.5 ms 0.5 ms 2 ms
Turn off time Typ. Toff 0.04 ms 0.03 ms 0.1 ms
Max. 0.4 ms 0.2 ms 0.5 ms

For further particulars on automotive grade PhotoMOS®, please inquire with a Panasonic Industry sales representative.

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