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Cautions for Use of Signal Relays

1. Cautions for Use

1.Coil operating power

Steady state DC current should be applied to the coil. The wave form should be rectangular. If it includes ripple, the ripple factor should be less than 5%.
However, please check with the actual circuit since the electrical characteristics may vary. The nominal operating voltage should be applied to the coil for more than 10 ms to set/reset the latching type relay.

2.Coil connection

When connecting coils, refer to the wiring diagram to prevent mis-operation or malfunction.

3.External magnetic field

Since T series relays are highly sensitive polarized relays, electrical characteristics may be affected by the presence of strong external magnetic fields. Avoid using the relay under these conditions.


When automatic cleaning, boiling method is recommended. Avoid ultrasonic cleaning which can subject the relay to high frequency vibrations and can cause the contacts to stick.
It is recommended that a fluorinated hydrocarbon or other alcoholic solvent be used.

5.M.B.B. contact relays (TX-D, TQ)

A small OFF time may be generated by the contact bounce during contact switching. Carefully check the actual circuit.
If the relay is dropped accidentally, check the appearance and characteristics including M.B.B. time before use.

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Signal Relays (2A or less)

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