JV-N Relays

Coil data

  • Operating characteristics such as ‘Operate voltage’ and ‘Release voltage’ are influenced by mounting conditions, ambient temperature, etc.
    Therefore, please use the relay within ±5% of rated coil voltage.
  • ‘Initial’ means the condition of products at the time of delivery.
Rated coil voltage Operate voltage*
(at 20°C)
Release voltage*
(at 20°C)
Rated operating current [±10%]
(at 20°C)
Coil resistance [±10%]
(at 20°C)
Rated operating power Max. allowable voltage
(at 20°C)
4.5V DC Max. 75% V of rated coil voltage (initial) Min. 5% V of rated coil voltage (initial) 44.4 mA 101 Ω 200mW 150% V of rated coil voltage
6V DC 33.3 mA 180 Ω
9V DC 22.2 mA 405 Ω
12V DC 16.7 mA 720 Ω
18V DC 11.1 mA 1,620 Ω
24V DC 8.3 mA 2,880 Ω
48V DC 4.2 mA 11,520 Ω
100V DC Max. 60V DC Min. 4V DC 6 mA 16,600 Ω 600 mW 110V DC
*square, pulse drive

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Item Specifications
Contact data Contact arrangement 1 Form A
Contact resistance (initial) Max. 100 mΩ (by voltage drop 6V DC 1A)
Contact material AgSnO2 type
Contact rating (resistive) 16A 125V AC, 10A 277V AC, 10A 30V DC
Max. switching power (resistive) 2,770 VA, 300 W
Max. switching voltage 277V AC, 110V DC (0.3 A)
Max. switching current 16 A (AC), 10 A (DC)
Min. switching load (reference value)*1 100mA 5V DC
Insulation resistance (initial) Min. 1,000 MΩ (at 500 V DC, Measured portion is the same as the case of dielectric strength.)
Dielectric strength (initial) Between open contacts 1,000 Vrms for 1 min (detection current: 10 mA)
Between contact and coil 2,500 Vrms for 1 min (detection current: 10 mA)
Surge withstand voltage (initial)*2 Between contact and coil 4,500 V
Time characteristics (initial) Operate time Max. 12 ms (4.5 to 48V DC), Max. 8 ms (100V DC) (at rated coil voltage, at 20°C, without bounce)
Release time Max. 5 ms (at rated coil voltage, at 20°C without bounce, without diode)
Shock resistance Functional 200 m/s2 (half-sine shock pulse: 11 ms, detection time: 10 µs)
Destructive 1,000 m/s2 (half-sine shock pulse: 6 ms)
Vibration resistance Functional 10 to 55 Hz (at double amplitude of 1.6 mm, detection time: 10µs)
Destructive 10 to 55 Hz (at double amplitude of 2 mm)
Expected life Mechanical life Min. 2×107 (at 180 times/min)
Conditions Conditions for usage, transport and storage*3 Ambient temperature: –40°C to +70°C, –40 to +60°C (at 100 V DC)
Humidity: 5 to 85% RH (Avoid icing and condensation)
Unit weight Approx. 8 g
*1This value can change due to the switching frequency, environmental conditions, and desired reliability level, therefore it is recommended to check this with the actual load.
*2Wave is standard shock voltage of ±1.2×50µs according to JEC-212-1981
*3For ambient temperature, please read "GUIDELINES FOR RELAY USAGE".

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Expected electrical life

Conditions: Resistive load, at 20°C, at 20 times/min

Type Switching capacity Number of operations
1 Form A 10 A 125 V AC Min. 105
10 A 30 V DC Min. 105
10 A 277 V AC Min. 5 × 104
16 A 125 V AC Min. 3 × 104

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