S Relays

2 Form A 2 Form B/3 Form A 1 Form B/4 Form A /4 A Polarized power relays

RoHS規格 UL Recognaized CSA Certified

UL , CSA Approved

Protective construction: Sealed type

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1.Four-pole, multi-contact arrangement
(2 Form A 2 Form B, 3 Form A 1 Form B, 4 Form A)

2.Low thermal electromotive force: Approx. 3μV

3.Twin (bifurcated) contacts

4.Latching types available

5.PC board sockets are available

Typical Applications

1.Measuring equipment

4-GAP Balanced Armature Mechanism

Balanced armature mechanism has excellent resistance to vibration and shock

The armature structure enables free rotation around the armature center of gravity. Because the mass is maintained in balance at the fulcrum of the axis of rotation, large rotational forces do not occur even if acceleration is applied along any vector. The mechanism has proven to have excellent resistance to vibration and shock. All our S relays are based on this balanced armature mechanism, which is able to further provide many other characteristics.

High sensitivity and reliability provided by 4-gap balanced armature mechanism

As a (polarized) balanced armature, the S relay armature itself has two permanent magnets. Presenting four interfaces, the armature has a 4-gap structure. As a result, the rotational axis at either end of the armature is symmetrical and, in an energized into a polarized state, the twin magnetic armature interfaces are subject to repulsion on one side and attraction on the other.
Our original mechanism provides a highly efficient polarized magnetic circuit structure that is both highly sensitive and has a small form factor. Moreover, suitability for provision with many types of contact array and other advantages promise to make it possible to provide many of the various characteristics that are coming to be demanded of relays.

How it works (Single side stable type)

  • 1.When current is passed through the coil, the yoke becomes magnetic and polarized.
  • 2.At either pole of the armature, repulsion on one side and attraction on the other side is caused by the interaction of the poles and the permanent magnets of the armature.
  • 3.At this time, opening and closing operates owing to the action of the simultaneously molded balanced armature mechanism, so that when the force of the contact breaker spring closes the contact on one side, on the other side, the balanced armature opens the contact (2 Form A 2 Form B).

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